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The Healing Cowgirl

The Healing Cowgirl Charcoal Mud

The Healing Cowgirl Charcoal Mud

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Our horses are constantly finding new ways to cut, scrape and injure themselves. Our HempFlavin Charcoal Mud as your perfect solution for Wound Care in Horses! Great for small/minor wounds to large open wounds.

This product combines a blend of flavonoids with activated Charcoal to allow any wound the ability to draw out infection and allow clean and healthy tissue to develop. This formula has zero THC and zero CBD.

Our HempFlavin Charcoal Mud is Recommended to Support:
Normal Inflammatory Response
Draws out the Infection: Absorbs & Neutralizes Bacterial Toxins & Harmful Microbes found in the Wound
Clean & Healthy Tissue Growth
Drug Free Flavonoids
Ingredients: Hemp Flavonoid Extract, Activated Charcoal, Zinc Oxide, Calcium Carbonate, Polyhexanide, Calendula Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Fennel Seed Extract, Lemon Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, Vitamin E, Rose Water, Tea Tree, Epsom Salt.

Directions for Use: Apply peroxide or iodine to the fresh wound and then gently apply Mud, covering the entire wound & one inch surrounding the wound to provide for better protection against infection. Make sure the area stays covered and is not rubbed off. Leave on for 24 hours or until the mud barrier breaks up. Rinse, clean, dry & reapply. Repeat every 48 hours or until the wound is healing on its own.

For advanced healing instructions: For best results and if possible, have a refrigerated mud and room temperature mud. Cleanse the wound and apply the refrigerated mud directly to wound, then apply a layer of room temperature mud over it. This will allow the refrigerated mud to provide cooling relief while the room temperature mud provides a protective layer. Leave on for 24hrs or until mud begins to break off. Wash off and repeat until wound is healing on its own.

(This Product Contains ZERO THC & ZERO CANNABINOIDS)

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