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Draw it Out

Draw it Out Liniment Concentrate

Draw it Out Liniment Concentrate

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Introducing Draw it Out, the ultimate solution for pain management and reducing inflammation in horses. Our original concentrate formula can be mixed at any ratio, the stronger you mix, the faster it will work. This deep penetrating formula can be used as a soak, poultice, or general body spray, making it versatile and effective for a range of horse health issues.

Our formula is a proprietary mineral blend based around an Epsom salt profile, creating a dynamic horse health product that is ultra cost-effective. It can be used before, during, and after events or training, making it a must-have for any horse owner.

For general maintenance, a 70/30 (Water/Draw it Out) mix is recommended and for injuries, a 50/50 mix is usually best. The general rule is the stronger you mix the concentrate, the faster it will work. It can be used at 100% for severe injuries.

This version is also great on abscesses, and using it as a spray is also great for large area applications like shoulders, backs, and hips. It can be used after events to alleviate issues already seen. Draw it Out can also be used as a leg wrap, by applying directly to the leg via spray or soaking no bows or polo wraps in a mixed solution and wrapping. Keep the wraps moist as long as they are applied and can be left on for long periods of time without burning or blistering.

Choose Draw it Out for a deep penetrating formula that utilizes minerals known to be effective in pain management and reducing inflammation in horses. Improve your horse's health and performance with Draw it Out today.
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