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Draw it Out

Draw it Out Liniment GEL

Draw it Out Liniment GEL

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Get the ultimate horse health solution with Draw it Out's High Potency Gel Formula! This formula packs a punch with 125% of the strength of the original concentrate. Say goodbye to messy products - the odorless and colorless gel stays put and can be used with therapeutic products like pads, boots, and wraps. The thicker consistency helps the gel stay in place and there's no need for rubber gloves. If you accidentally come into contact with the gel, don't worry - it's 100% safe for both you and your horse, even if ingested.

Formulated with a proprietary mineral blend and specially selected ingredients that meet FEI regulations, Draw it Out is the go-to choice for before and after training or competition. The minerals in the formula provide deep and soft tissue relief without causing irritation or excessive heat. Ideal for sensitive skinned horses, this veterinary strength formula offers aggressive pain management and inflammation reduction. Whether you're dealing with injuries or preparing for competition, Draw it Out is the perfect solution for ligaments, joints, tendons, and muscles.

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