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Draw it Out

Draw it Out Restore a Horse

Draw it Out Restore a Horse

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Draw It Out® Restore a Horse is a comprehensive equine care solution designed to address the daily challenges of horse ownership. Its Proprietary Restorative Blend contains natural ingredients such as Carrot Seed Oil, which has been shown to have antifungal and antibacterial properties. The liqui-gel formula is thick enough to stay in place but still penetrates deeply to provide effective relief. Keep Draw It Out® Restore a Horse Miracle Salve on hand to be prepared for any situation.

This product is ideal for keeping in barns, trailers, and grooming totes for quick and easy access. With its natural blend of carefully selected ingredients, Restore a Horse offers a safe and effective alternative to harsh chemical-based products. It contains no dangerous chemicals, unpronounceable ingredients, dye, or added fragrance.

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