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Hay Chix

Hay Chix® Free Up Feeder

Hay Chix® Free Up Feeder

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The Patented Free Up Feeder is great for stall hay feeding and swings open to fill in less than 30 seconds! The metal Free Up Feeder Frame features safe, rounded corners and the perfect hardware (designed by Hay Chix®) to make it easy to use.

The "Half Bale Net" holds about 4-7 flakes of a small square bale. Great for streamlining chores. Use in stalls, trailers, lean-tos, turnouts, panels, fences, or on barn walls. Works indoors & outdoors! This net size can be paired with both the 12x24 frame and 24x24 frame. 

The "Quarter Bale Net" is paired with the 24x24 frame only & holds about 3-5 flakes of a small square bale. Great for shod horses, feeding off large square bales/ round bales, and streamlining chores. 

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