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The Healing Cowgirl

The Healing Cowgirl HempFlavin Powder

The Healing Cowgirl HempFlavin Powder

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Are you looking for a Clean Ride? If you’re showing in AQHA events or the racing industry, support is maybe even more important for your performance partner. We finally have you covered! Our CLEAN RIDE HempFlavin Powder is a year in the works! The perfect aid to help your performance horses with Zero CBD and Zero THC this product will not show up on a drug test.

With over 20 heirloom hemp derived flavonoids, this product is designed to aid in the relief of nervousness, as well as discomfort, muscle/joint stiffness and soreness for horses in all stages. HempFlavin Powder is great for training, showing, racing and every day use on horses that could get drug tested.

900 mcg / serving
0 THC / 0 CBD
No Additives, No Fillers & All-Natural Ingredients
Choose between our Trial Size or 2 LBS.


HempFlavin is relatively new to the marketplace and very cutting edge! We’re offering an opportunity for our performance driven animals to feel their best without the CBD and THC that would show up in a drug test. Flavonoids are not banned on horse association lists.

Our HempFlavin Powder is Recommended to Support:

Normal Inflammatory Response
Healthy Joints & Mobility
Stiffness / Soreness
Sense of Calm
Quicker Recovery
Overall Wellness
Ingredients: HempFlavin Extract (Flavonoids), Alfalfa

Serving Size: 1 scoop = 2 tablespoons = 900 mcg of Hemp Flavonoids

Directions For Use:
Horses 1000 lbs.: 1 scoop morning and 1 scoop evening. Scoop included is 2 tablespoons.
*For larger or smaller horses, adjust accordingly.

General recommendations (results that work best):

Performance / Show Horse – the Equine HempFlavin Powder can be given twice daily (900 mcg), with morning and evening feedings. You may offer in conjunction with our HempFlavin Oil, which is absorbed more quickly and sometimes preferred on show days.

Senior Horse – you may offer HempFlavin Powder (900 mcg) twice a day, as well as our Everyday Wellness Hemp Pellets.

(This Product Contains ZERO THC & ZERO CANNABINOIDS)

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